Category: Society

14. June 2019

20th / 21st century | Politics

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The women’s strike day of 1991

by Andrej Abplanalp

In 1991, Swiss women went on strike for the first time. They took to the streets to demonstrate for equal pay and equal job opportunities. 28 years later, the demands are still the same.

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5. June 2019

Middle Ages | Archaeology

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Pecunia (non) olet – Latrine archaeology: the dirty side of wealth

by Elias Flatscher

For some of today’s archaeologists, former toilets are not just informative, but also a veritable treasure trove – whether stinking or not.

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31. May 2019

20th / 21st century | Economy

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In search of riches in the rainforest

by Antoine Acker

In the 1970s the Volkswagen group launched a major agricultural project led by a Swiss citizen that resulted in bonded labour and rainforest deforestation on a massive scale.

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29. May 2019

Modern Age | Economy

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A one-track life

by Karl Lüönd

At the end of the 19th century, the world was gripped by ‘railway fever’. Swiss expertise was in high demand. Jakob Müller left Lucerne to move to present-day Turkey, where he eventually became the director of the Orient Express.

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17. May 2019

Modern Age | Society

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The dream of a brave new world

by Benedikt Meyer

She spoke no English and had no job. Nonetheless, in 1891 19-year-old Stephanie Cordelier decided to emigrate to the USA.

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