Category: Religion

28. February 2018

Modern Age | Technology

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An ingenious timekeeper

In 1594, the brilliant Swiss clockmaker Jost Bürgi built a celestial globe incorporating the new calendar for the German Kaiser.

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15. October 2017

Middle Ages | Religion

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Material and magic – “Zwingli’s helmet” on a journey through time

The iron helmet in the collection at the Swiss National Museum is said to have once protected the head of Ulrich Zwingli (1484–1531) as he lay dying. Though there is no evidence of the actual origin of this Catholic trophy.

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9. October 2017

Modern Age | Review

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“Luther, Columbus and the Consequences – A changing world 1500–1600”

The exhibition at the Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg can certainly be seen as a contribution to the anniversary of the Reformation. But it also addresses issues that go far beyond the portrait of an era.

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21. September 2017

Modern Age | Research

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Mystery of the St. Gallen Globe solved

A drawing found in a junk shop has turned out to be a document of great historical value. New discoveries have allowed the mystery of the St. Gallen Globe to be solved. A detective story from times past.

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19. September 2017

Modern Age | Religion

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The Register of Benefactors – an Early Modern book of sponsors

Sponsor boards are omnipresent at sporting, cultural and musical events these days. Even Einsiedeln Abbey received sponsorship. In return its sponsors found themselves in a manuscript known as the “Register of Benefactors”.

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