Category: Society

12. April 2018

Modern Age | Technology

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A new view of the world

Every era has its mass media. The peep box in the 18th century marked the start of the development of modern visual media.

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9. April 2018

20th / 21st century | Society

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From the draisine to the mini-scooter

How did the modern mini-scooter come to be in its present form? It all began in 1817 with a cumbersome wooden vehicle for bumpy Sunday journeys.

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6. April 2018

20th / 21st century | War/battle

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The smuggler invasion

Smuggling on Switzerland’s southern border increased rapidly during the Second World War. People now began being smuggled over the border too.

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5. April 2018

Modern Age | Economy

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Smuggling between Switzerland and Italy

Smugglers operated between Ticino and Italy using dogs and submarines. The fascinating tales of smuggling from southern Switzerland.

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23. February 2018

Classical antiquity | Society

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Playing with bones

Games are as old as mankind itself. In ancient times, people used specially shaped bones as dice.

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