Category: Politics

7. August 2020

20th / 21st century | Economy

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The sunken village

by Michael van Orsouw

On 9 August 1924, the church at Innerthal was blown up. Then the floodwaters came. The reason for this was the growing demand for electricity in Switzerland and, as a result, the construction of a reservoir.

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10. July 2020

20th / 21st century | Culture

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Fighting the Nazis with the mighty pen

by Pia Schubiger

With its censorious satirical style, the Nebelspalter made a name for itself early on. Carl Böckli’s caricatures were particularly provocative, and in 1933 his work was banned in Nazi Germany.

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8. July 2020

20th / 21st century | War/battle

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Sempach 1940 – Souvenir des internés français

by Kurt Messmer

In 1940, General Guisan stood on the battlefield and called for resistance. Meanwhile, French internees wanted to sing the Marseillaise. Yet again, women were responsible for their welfare. ‘Allons les femmes de la patrie.’

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24. June 2020

Modern Age | Society

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The ‘emigration’ savings model

by Andrej Abplanalp

In the 19th century some Swiss villages provided sponsorship to enable poorer members of their community to emigrate, to stave off financial ruin for the village. An example from the Canton of Aargau shows that this emigration wasn’t always entirely voluntary.

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19. June 2020

Middle Ages | War/battle

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The battle of Grandson

by James Blake Wiener

The Battle of Grandson on March 2, 1476 is one of the most celebrated and decisive battles in Swiss history and signalled their emergence as an integral player in wider European affairs.

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