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Andrej Abplanalp
Historian and communications chief of the Swiss National Museum.

15. January 2018

20th / 21st century | Collection | Research | Economy

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From Obwalden straight to Mars

Maxon Motor from Sachseln equips NASA with electric motors. A success story from central Switzerland.

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27. December 2017

Modern Age | Collection | Society | Featured

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If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Rich people love to show off their wealth – and this is equally true of the wealthy people of the past.

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11. December 2017

Protohistory | Archaeology | Collection | Economy | Society | Featured

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The gold-digger of Altstetten

At the construction site, life is hard. Except if you discover a treasure, as it happened in Zurich-Altstetten in 1906.

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9. December 2017

20th / 21st century | Research | Economy | Tourism

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Out of the blue sky

In December 1978 the whole of Switzerland was snow-free. Only in Savognin did the flakes dance – thanks to the first snow cannons.

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4. December 2017

20th / 21st century | Collection | Economy | War/battle | Featured

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The dark side of chocolate

The demand for chocolate skyrocketed at the beginning of the 20th century, not least because of World War I. This is the dark side of chocolate history.

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