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3. November 2017

Modern Age | Tourism

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The birth of modern cartography

As well as winning numerous accolades as a general in the Sonderbund War, Guillaume-Henri Dufour was also a much-acclaimed cartographer who helped to invent modern cartography.

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11. October 2017

20th / 21st century | Economy

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A near miss – the story of a banknote

A near miss: the story of a banknote that almost made it into every Swiss person’s wallet.

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27. September 2017

20th / 21st century | Art

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Classic Design

Swiss designer Willy Guhl created in the 50s a chair of cement. Amazingly it was very comfortable.

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8. September 2017

Modern Age | Fashion

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Stitch by stitch

Next time you’re stuck with a boring task, take comfort from the following true story…

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9. August 2017

20th / 21st century | Collection

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Landi Chair

The Landi chair is considered a design icon not least because of its striking holes. The history of a seating accommodation…

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