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Poster featuring Fip and Fop, created by commercial artist Hans Tomamichel.

12. July 2018

20th / 21st century | Society

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At the cinema thanks to the Fip-Fop Club

Today it is just a memory, but from the 1930s to the 1950s the Fip-Fop Club sparked a small revolution: Thanks to its mobile cinemas, children under 15 years of age were able to visit film screenings in their municipalities.

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A Globi club.

11. July 2018

20th / 21st century | Culture

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The Globi Club

Globi starts out as an advertising character. In the midst of the economic crisis of the 1930s, he’s intended to boost morale. Children quickly take the jaunty bird into their hearts and set up their own Globi clubs.

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7. June 2018

20th / 21st century | Photography

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A platform above the storm

World Press Photo has rewarded the world’s best press photos since 1955. It all started with an association of Dutch photo journalists.

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22. May 2018

20th / 21st century | War/battle

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Steel helmet on!

Some soldiers who enlisted to fight in the First World War still wore caps, though the army soon realised that only steel helmets could protect heads against shrapnel injuries.

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25. April 2018

Modern Age | Technology

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The time the Bernese put their foot on the gas

The people of Bern are known for their warmth, not for their speed. As far as gas usage goes, though, they were once well ahead of the field – quicker even than their countrymen in Zurich.

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