Felix Graf
Felix Graf was a curator at the National Museum Zurich until 2017. Now he works as a freelance publicist.

2. August 2018

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The Sun of St. Moritz by Walter Herdeg

The sun and lettering in the design of the resort town of St. Moritz is the oldest still-used tourism trademark in the world. The symbol and logo were created in 1932 by Zurich graphic designer Walter Herdeg.

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12. April 2018

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A new view of the world

Every era has its mass media. The peep box in the 18th century marked the start of the development of modern visual media.

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12. February 2018

Series: Swiss Graphic Design | Modern Age | Food | 20th / 21st century | Economy

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The bitter something

The success story of Schweppes began more than 200 years ago in Switzerland. In 1972, Reinhart Morscher broke new ground with his advertising graphics for this exclusive British beverage. The graphic artist born on 11 February 1938 would have turned 80 yesterday.

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Darstellung eines Bauerntanzes auf einer Spanischsuppenschüssel aus der Glocken- und Geschützgiesserei Füssli, um 1600

11. January 2018

Modern Age | Food | Society | Featured

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From Spanish soup to potpourri

Spanish soup was once the ultimate in Sunday meals. This stew was cooked and served in bronze tureens. The dish and its tureen have disappeared from our culinary consciousness. Only a few robust museum pieces and the foreign word potpourri remain.

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16. November 2017

Collection | Series: Swiss Graphic Design | Art | Food | 20th / 21st century

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Art & cuisine

Food and drink played a central role in the life and work of the painter, commercial artist, “Nebelspalter” magazine caricaturist, book artist and legendary artists’ masked balls decorator Willi Rieser.

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