Elisabeth Schraut
Elisabeth Schraut is a historian and works as a freelance writer and curator after working in museums and cultural institutions in Germany, France and Switzerland.

21. February 2020

Modern Age | Politics | Culture | Article | Featured

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Johann Rudolf Schmid von Schwarzenhorn – a Swiss gentleman at the Sultan’s court

While the 16th and 17th-century ‘fear of the Turks’ is still present in the collective consciousness of Central Europe, very few people are aware that there are also numerous examples of a lively cultural exchange during the same period. Right in the thick of it was a Swiss man, Johann Rudolf Schmid von Schwarzenhorn, born in 1590 in Stein am Rhein.

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19. April 2019

Tourism | 20th / 21st century | Culture | Article | Featured

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The iconic Lake Constance and Rhine poster

The Lake Constance and Rhine poster produced by Orell Füssli in 1897 shows the whole of Lake Constance as far as the Rhine Falls, with the snow-covered Alps in the background. Depicting a south-facing perspective, to this day it has defined the tourist view of Lake Constance.

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