American major and Swiss Federal Councillor: Emil Frey.
Dual citizen on the Federal Council

Emil Frey fought in the American Civil War as an army major. In 1890 he became a Federal Councillor. His dual citizenship didn’t bother anyone.

The Constitution of the United States with its famous preamble ‘We the People’ (left), and an excerpt from the Swiss Federal Constitution of 1848.
Switzerland and the USA: sister republics

At first glance, the USA and Switzerland seem like two very different countries. But a look back at their shared history springs a few surprises. It shows how closely the political systems of the two nations are related to one another.

19th-century depiction of a Wild Hunt, by Johann Wilhelm Cordes.
The reformer and the ghosts

Ludwig Lavater was not only the successor to Huldrych Zwingli, but also a great lover of ghost stories, which he collected and published in a book.

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