Zürichtal was renamed Zolotoe Pole – the golden field – in 1945.
Two Swiss villages on the Black Sea

Ukrainians are fleeing westwards into the unknown, with some also heading to Switzerland. More than 200 years ago, Swiss settlers migrated east to Ukraine and established two Helvetic colonies: Zürichtal in Crimea. And Shabo near Odessa.

In 1868 Rudolf Heer, his wife, Rosina, and their daughters, Barbara and Maria, emigrated from Glarus to America. Illustration by Marco Heer.
Easy come, easy go

In 1868, Rudolf Heer and his family emigrated to America. In five letters home to his mother he described his life in the New World, allowing us a glimpse into the life of an emigrant.

La première femme auteur de livres de cuisine en Suisse s'appelait Anna Wecker et était originaire de Bâle. Illustration : Marco Heer
The almost-pioneer from Basel

Anna Wecker from Basel is Switzerland’s first known cookbook author. She infiltrated this male-dominated sphere in 1598.

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