The birth of the tabloid media

by Dominik Landwehr

With the advent of printing, from the late 15th century onwards printed news reports could be produced and circulated for the masses. In many cases, these reports were composed in the style of today’s tabloid media.

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Arguing, swearing, beatings

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by Adrian Baschung

What’s the link between a vicious domestic brawl from the 17th century and a modern-day comic book?

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Glass vessels for eternity

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by Felix Graf

A drinking bowl from Stein am Rhein is among a trove of precious glass finds dating from the Roman era. The piece itself is spectacular, but the circumstances of its discovery are just as remarkable.

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The White Plague

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by Michael van Orsouw

Today coronavirus is spreading fear, alarm and uncertainty – 100 years ago, it was tuberculosis and the Spanish Flu that cut a deadly swathe through Switzerland.

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Switzerland and the world

by Bernhard Graf

Since ancient times, people’s everyday lives have been shaped by intangible dividing lines. Consciously or unconsciously, these boundaries are constantly being crossed.

by Jean-Luc Rickenbacher

Switzerland is a seafaring nation. Supply shortages during two world wars ‘drove’ the Swiss onto the open sea.