Ochsner bin in the city of Basel, 1930s.
Putting the bins out – the Ochsner way

For generations, the clanking sound of bins being emptied was an everyday morning sound in Switzerland. The noise came from the hot-dip galvanised steel rubbish bins designed by resourceful Zurich entrepreneur Jakob Ochsner.

Men and women participating in a race at Augsburg shooting festival in 1509, illustration in ‘Kriegsbuch u. a. Über Schützen- und Turnierwesen’ (war book about shooting events and tournaments i.a.), circa 1570.
Sport in the Middle Ages

The word sport conjures up images of modern sporting pursuits, such as football, cycling, rugby and skiing. But what about during the fondly remembered Middle Ages? Did sport exist back then and, if so, how did it compare to the modern competitions held on the territory now known as Switzerland?

The Titanic leaving the harbor in Southampton.
Swiss on the Titanic

Over a century after her dramatic demise, the Titanic lingers omnipresent in the human imagination. The stories of the Titanic’s Swiss staff and passengers are a rich kaleidoscope of a maritime disaster and an era on the precipice of tremendous change.

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