Thanks to numerous British influences, Switzerland became a footballing nation early on – and not only in its club names.
How Switzerland became a footballing nation

The Swiss Football Association was founded on 7 April 1895. But football actually became popular in Switzerland some time before that and can be attributed to the country’s strong international links in the 19th century.

Burial Ground in the South Seas. Painting by John Webber, around 1777.
Around the world with James Cook

The Swiss-British artist John Webber (1751-1793) served as the draughtsman in Captain James Cook's third expedition to Oceania, Canada, and Alaska. Webber’s artwork captures a unique moment in time – the first encounters of the British with indigenous peoples from around the Pacific Rim.

Two mercenaries of the Karrer Regiment, 1763. Hand-drawing, after 1850.
Swiss mercenaries in North America

Although not officially permitted, Swiss mercenaries were active in North America during the late Baroque period. Swiss fighters of the Karrer Infantry Regiment lost their lives in Mississippi during the war between France and the Native American tribes.

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