Original photo by Willy Rogg: The royal couple's car is totally destroyed.
The tragic death of Queen Astrid

On 29 August 1935, Queen Astrid of Belgium dies in a car accident on Lake Lucerne. Just one day later, the whole world knows. Thanks to a resourceful Swiss photographer and the help of a well-known aviation pioneer.

The battle at Schwaderloh on April 11, 1499 (detail).
Showdown with the Habsburgs

In the Swabian War of 1499, the Old Swiss Confederation fought against Habsburg Austria and the Swabian League. The cruel and devastating victory of the Swiss underscored their independence within the Holy Roman Empire.

The Constitution of the United States with its famous preamble ‘We the People’ (left), and an excerpt from the Swiss Federal Constitution of 1848.
Switzerland and the USA: sister republics

At first glance, the USA and Switzerland seem like two very different countries. But a look back at their shared history springs a few surprises. It shows how closely the political systems of the two nations are related to one another.

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