The troops of the Union (Northern states) fight against the Confederates (Southern states), Battle of Corinth, October 4, 1862, in the American Civil War.
A Swiss Confederate propagandist

The life of Henry Hotze is largely unknown in Switzerland. Born in Zürich, Hotze emigrated to the United States. Later, he became the Confederacy's chief propagandist in Europe during the U.S. Civil War.

Italian workers arriving in Brig in 1956.
Switzerland: the reluctant host of Italian guest workers

In the 1960s, Switzerland faced a dilemma regarding its Italian guest workers: their labour was desperately needed, their presence in society less so...

The Oscar for the film "The Search" is on display today in the exhibition "Simply Zurich" at the National Museum Zurich.
The misfortunate Oscar

An Academy Award: sign of triumph, success and recognition? Not always. In the case of "The Search" by Zurich-based Praesens-Film, the award was more a symbol of frustration and pain. It even ruined half the life of one of its recipients.

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