Homesick for the mountains

by Alexander Rechsteiner

200 years ago, homesickness was thought to be a typically Swiss affliction. It was triggered by ‘Kuhreihen’, old herdsmen’s songs. The children’s book character Heidi also suffered from homesickness.

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On God’s business in India

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by Noemi Crain Merz

From 1834 onwards, missionaries from Basel headed to India in their droves to convert the indigenous population to Christianity. The Basel Mission not only founded schools and hospitals in India, but also set up weaving mills and brickworks where the missionaries employed their Indian converts.

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The dangerous business of Jules Bloch

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by Christophe Vuilleumier

Swiss industrialist Jules Bloch exported ammunition components to France during the First World War. Germany attempted all kinds of intrigues to put an end to his dealings.

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The synagogues of Lengnau and Endingen

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by Gabriel Heim

The first Jews settled in Lengnau and Endingen in the 16th century, and the country’s first synagogues were built in those villages.

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Switzerland and the world


Fifty years ago, humans walked on the moon for the first time. This epoch-defining achievement was made possible, in part, thanks to cutting-edge technology from Switzerland.

by Claudia Walder

Heidi is a cult figure in Japan. An animated series from 1974 helped her achieve that status. The series ushered in the now booming anime industry.