Queen Elizabeth II’s state visit to Switzerland in 1980. Accompanied by Federal President Georges-André Chevallaz, the monarch inspects the guard of honour at Zurich-Kloten Airport.
Switzerland and the House of Windsor

Queen Elizabeth II was at the head of the British Royal Family for 70 years. The House of Windsor maintains a close relationship with Switzerland – not politically, but on a more private level. Here we take a look behind at the scenes at the connection between the Swiss and the Royals.

Cyclo-cross is a pretty muddy affair at times.
Mud-wrestling on wheels

A scramble through the history of cyclo-cross. A sport that produced Swiss stars in the 1970s and 1980s, then sank almost completely into oblivion and is now experiencing a modest revival.

Tapestry of the Siege of Dijon, c. 1514-1520 (detail).
The Siege of Dijon 1513

The Old Swiss Confederation won a stunning military victory over France at the Battle of Novara in June 1513. Following up on their successes in Italy, the Swiss and their Swabian allies successfully besieged the city of Dijon in September 1513, which marks the apex of Swiss power across Western Europe.

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