Moorschutz statt Waffenplatz

by Aaron Estermann

In the 1980s, there was a pitched battle in Rothenthurm to save an area of moorland. This ultimately resulted in the adoption of a constitutional article on nature preservation.

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Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno

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by Erika Hebeisen

The political slogan ‘One for all. All for one’ has gained new relevance during the coronavirus crisis. The motto has its roots in the early 16th century.

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The worst video game of all time

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by Alexander Rechsteiner

Atari’s 1982 offering E.T. – the Extra-Terrestrial is widely regarded as the worst video game ever, and has come to exemplify the demise of the company that invented the arcade video game.

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The ‘kings’ of Geneva

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by Christophe Vuilleumier

The Exercice de l’Arquebuse was a Geneva society which, until 1782, held a festival of marksmanship (Schützenfest) each year, which culminated in the crowning of a ‘king’. This king then ruled temporarily as monarch.

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Switzerland and the world


Fifty years ago, humans walked on the moon for the first time. This epoch-defining achievement was made possible, in part, thanks to cutting-edge technology from Switzerland.

by Claudia Walder

Heidi is a cult figure in Japan. An animated series from 1974 helped her achieve that status. The series ushered in the now booming anime industry.