Category: 20th / 21st century

19. April 2019

20th / 21st century | Tourism

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The iconic Lake Constance and Rhine poster

The Lake Constance and Rhine poster produced by Orell Füssli in 1897 shows the whole of Lake Constance as far as the Rhine Falls, with the snow-covered Alps in the background. Depicting a south-facing perspective, to this day it has defined the tourist view of Lake Constance.

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12. April 2019

20th / 21st century | Culture

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Fighting tradition with rock ’n’ roll

In the 1950s, young people started rebelling against the traditional middle-class values of the time. With dancing and rock ’n’ roll, they aspired to the American lifestyle.

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8. April 2019

20th / 21st century | Politics

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The Swiss atomic bomb

For a long time, Switzerland too considered building an atomic bomb. Many felt it was a must. The project was finally abandoned in the 1980s.

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27. March 2019

20th / 21st century | Economy

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Kitchen aids from Switzerland

Swiss cuisine doesn’t rank among the world’s elite. But the gadgets that make a cook’s life easier are truly a cut above. From the vegetable peeler to the garlic press, all these inventions come from Switzerland.

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22. March 2019

20th / 21st century | Review

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Earplugs alone are not enough

The Museum of Communication is rethinking the limitations of what can be exhibited with an interactive listening circuit at its exhibition on silence.

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