Category: Nature

3. July 2019

20th / 21st century | Culture

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Design as a band-aid for nature

by Hibou Pèlerin

Under the title ‘Broken Nature’, the XXII Triennale di Milano showcases original contributions to the climate debate from the perspective of design, art and applied science.

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28. June 2019

Modern Age | Economy

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The coolest box in the house

by Claudia Walder

These days, the refrigerator is as much a part of our lives as running water or toothpaste. But that hasn’t always been the case. In earlier times, blocks of ice or cold water were used to keep food chilled.

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20. June 2019

Protohistory | Nature

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Humans and dogs

by Alexander Rechsteiner

Inscriptions, grave finds and remains bear witness to the enduring relationship between humans and dogs, extending across millennia.

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6. March 2019

Modern Age | Art

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The image of Switzerland in the time of Gottfried Keller

by Felix Graf

His, more than any other, was the hand that shaped Switzerland’s image in the 19th century: Zurich-born artist, watercolourist and art publisher Rudolf Dikenmann. His prints produced using the aquatint technique were churned out in their thousands: for travellers, collectors and members of the public.

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Walter Mittelholzer – the flying adventurer and entrepreneur

20. July 2018

20th / 21st century | Photography

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Walter Mittelholzer – with a plane and a camera

by Michael Gasser

Walter Mittelholzer is still remembered as a pilot, aerial photographer and founder of Swissair. Mittelholzer himself worked hard to create this image, not least through the clever marketing of aerial photos of his homeland and images of foreign exotica.

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