Category: Nature

12. August 2020

20th / 21st century | Economy

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Message in a bottle from the Katzensee

by Katrin Brunner

For decades, the Katzensee near Zurich was used as a dumping ground for glass. A look into bottles from days gone by.

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10. August 2020

Modern Age | Society

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A nut of the world

by Rebecca Sanders

Up to the early modern era, the coconut was considered an exotic rarity from the New World. It was believed not only to protect against poisoning, but also to show sophistication.

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10. April 2020

20th / 21st century | Nature

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A queen among the Green

by Andrej Abplanalp

40 years ago, the second Swiss Horticultural & Gardening Expo, ‘Grün 80’, attracted millions of Swiss people, and one queen: Queen Elizabeth II.

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8. April 2020

20th / 21st century | Politics

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Protected moorland instead of military training ground

by Aaron Estermann

In the 1980s, there was a pitched battle in Rothenthurm to save an area of moorland. This ultimately resulted in the adoption of a constitutional article on nature preservation.

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6. March 2020

20th / 21st century | Research

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How the NZZ advanced the cause of polar research

by Marc Tribelhorn

Alfred de Quervain’s Greenland expedition is still celebrated as a pioneering scientific accomplishment. But it’s not generally known that his adventurous journey was only possible thanks to the NZZ.

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