Felix Graf
Felix Graf was a curator at the National Museum Zurich until 2017. Now he works as a freelance publicist.

6. March 2019

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The image of Switzerland in the time of Gottfried Keller

His, more than any other, was the hand that shaped Switzerland’s image in the 19th century: Zurich-born artist, watercolourist and art publisher Rudolf Dikenmann. His prints produced using the aquatint technique were churned out in their thousands: for travellers, collectors and members of the public.

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28. February 2019

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Robinson Crusoe in old Zurich

In 1720, not long after its publication, the first German translation of Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe came out. Zurich academic Johann Jakob Bodmer recommended it to the ladies of Zurich for reading. In 1818, a ‘Little Robinson for the entertainment of young persons’ was published in Zurich.

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26. October 2018

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SAFIR – an automobile from West Zurich

From 1913 to 1991, the present-day home of the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra and lofty Prime Tower was a major centre for the production of gears, pumps and machine tools. And from 1907 to 1910 was the birthplace of a few dozen SAFIR brand automobiles.

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2. August 2018

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The Sun of St. Moritz by Walter Herdeg

The sun and lettering in the design of the resort town of St. Moritz is the oldest still-used tourism trademark in the world. The symbol and logo were created in 1932 by Zurich graphic designer Walter Herdeg.

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12. April 2018

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A new view of the world

Every era has its mass media. The peep box in the 18th century marked the start of the development of modern visual media.

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