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Alexander Rechsteiner
Works at the PR department of the Swiss national museum and holds an M A in modern English literature and political science.

1. April 2020

Technology | 20th / 21st century | Economy | Article | Featured

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The worst video game of all time

Atari’s 1982 offering E.T. – the Extra-Terrestrial is widely regarded as the worst video game ever, and has come to exemplify the demise of the company that invented the arcade video game.

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29. January 2020

Technology | 20th / 21st century | Culture | Economy | Article | Featured

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The history of video games

Eating dots with Pac-Man, rescuing the princess with Mario and Luigi, or wiping out your opponents in Fortnite: over about three generations now, video games have shaped the childhood of millions of people. A look back at 50 years of gaming history.

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25. December 2019

Modern Age | 20th / 21st century | Society | Religion | Article | Featured

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Christkind, or Samichlaus?

On Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, the gifts are handed out! But has it always been that way? 150 years ago, 6 December was always the big day for children.

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18. September 2019

Modern Age | Society | Culture | Article | Featured

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Homesick for the mountains

200 years ago, homesickness was thought to be a typically Swiss affliction. It was triggered by ‘Kuhreihen’, old herdsmen’s songs. The children’s book character Heidi also suffered from homesickness.

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20. June 2019

Protohistory | Classical antiquity | Nature | Article | Featured

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Humans and dogs

Inscriptions, grave finds and remains bear witness to the enduring relationship between humans and dogs, extending across millennia.

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