Category: Culture

3. August 2020

Modern Age | Literature

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The birth of the tabloid media

by Dominik Landwehr

With the advent of printing, from the late 15th century onwards printed news reports could be produced and circulated for the masses. In many cases, these reports were composed in the style of today’s tabloid media.

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27. July 2020

Modern Age | Society

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Arguing, swearing, beatings

by Adrian Baschung

What’s the link between a vicious domestic brawl from the 17th century and a modern-day comic book?

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24. July 2020

Classical antiquity | Culture

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Glass vessels for eternity

by Felix Graf

A drinking bowl from Stein am Rhein is among a trove of precious glass finds dating from the Roman era. The piece itself is spectacular, but the circumstances of its discovery are just as remarkable.

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15. July 2020

Modern Age | Women in history

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Around the world in ten years

by Denise Tonella

Lina Bögli, or the transformation from peasant girl to globe-trotting writer. The story of a remarkable 19th-century woman.

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10. July 2020

20th / 21st century | Culture

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Fighting the Nazis with the mighty pen

by Pia Schubiger

With its censorious satirical style, the Nebelspalter made a name for itself early on. Carl Böckli’s caricatures were particularly provocative, and in 1933 his work was banned in Nazi Germany.

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