Still from the video «Hyper-TV». Container TV, Berne, 1981.

Video art and “scene groove”

Members of the video scene of the 1980s were not only politically committed. They also created artistic and experimental videos.

Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum

Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum

The Swiss National Museum is Switzerland’s most visited museum of cultural history.

The video technology, developed in the 1970s, held an irresistible fascination for activists and artists of the 1980s. The new medium was not only cheap in production it also offered new possibilities for innovative creations. Picture-in-picture compositions, collages, colour alterations and insertion of text: these were techniques, which were not previously possible with film in this way. Surprising, cryptic and even crazy videos were the result.


A collection of absurd and peculiar stories in the
spirit of Bob Wilson. Source:


Experimental video on TV culture. Fragments of TV shows, news broadcasts, feature films, TV ads, and other programs are woven into a collage and visually altered. A parody on the zeitgeist as shown on TV. Source:


On the video-editing device, the faces of people on the street or in the tram are being manipulated. An unusual documentation of everyday life. Source:


In this video comic, the hero—inspired by Freud, Marx, and Bogart—is being cast away from Zurich over Casablanca, Portofino, and Moscow to the top of Rigi: arms trades, KGB, and mountain fever plague him, but his investigative sense for the supernatural makes him dance over the abyss and finally fall for the beguiling scent of his client. Source:

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