Category: World of museums

5. June 2019

Middle Ages | Archaeology

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Pecunia (non) olet – Latrine archaeology: the dirty side of wealth

by Elias Flatscher

For some of today’s archaeologists, former toilets are not just informative, but also a veritable treasure trove – whether stinking or not.

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15. February 2019

Modern Age | Art

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From romantic drama to art foundation

by Andrej Abplanalp

As the 19th century drew to a close, Lydia Welti-Escher’s unhappy love affair led to the establishment of the Gottfried Keller Foundation. And the suicide of the daughter of magnate Alfred Escher.

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24. January 2019

20th / 21st century | Review

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Feeling the heartbeat of the museum

by Hibou Pèlerin

His idiosyncratic aesthetic has made film director Wes Anderson famous. Now, working with Juma Malouf, he has set up an exhibition at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. The result: a contemporary cabinet of curiosities.

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17. January 2019

Protohistory | Archaeology

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Close the door!

by Samuel Van Willigen

The National Museum Zurich houses one of the oldest preserved doors in Europe. The Robenhausen door is more than 5,500 years old.

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5. December 2018

20th / 21st century | Culture

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Toni Vescoli and the beatniks

by Selina Stuber

Toni Vescoli was part of Zurich’s beatnik scene in the late 1960s. The musician looks back on his early days, when long hair was still frowned upon and guitar music was the work of the devil.

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