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18. October 2019

Modern Age | Politics

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Switzerland’s ‘militia’ system

by René Roca

Even today, Switzerland’s ‘militia’ system of citizen legislature (Milizsystem) is central to the country’s system of government. But what does the term ‘militia’ actually mean? And how did this system come about?

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16. October 2019

20th / 21st century | War/battle

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The birth and death of the Partisan Republic of Ossola

by Raphael Rues

The Partisan Republic of Ossola fought against fascism in 1944. Without help from Ticino, the fight would have been even more hopeless.

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9. October 2019

20th / 21st century | Sports

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Political and economic aspects in football

by Mämä Sykora

Football is more than just a sport. Football is culture and entertainment, the regular crowd around their usual table and the select few in the VIP lounge. And football is also politics and business.

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2. October 2019

20th / 21st century | Culture

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The lost film of Sergei Mikhailovich Eisenstein

by Christophe Vuilleumier

90 years ago, Russian director Eisenstein shot a film at La Sarraz Castle featuring an array of avant-garde luminaries. But the footage has remained lost to this day.

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25. September 2019

Modern Age | Economy

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The transatlantic slave trade

by Noemi Crain Merz

Up until slavery was finally abolished in the 19th century, European traders carried off millions of people from Africa to the New World. Swiss families and companies also profited from the transatlantic slave trade.

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