Dominik Landwehr
Dominik Landwehr is a cultural and media scientist and lives in Winterthur.

27. May 2020

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When Dutti bought a mountain railway

At the end of the 19th century, Switzerland experienced a mountain railway boom. There was feverish building activity on Monte Generoso. But the company was only able to survive with help from Migros.

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6. May 2020

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A song goes round the world

His voice touched millions. Tenor Joseph Schmidt died in 1942 in the Zürcher Oberland, on the final leg of his escape from the Nazi regime. Even today, the Jewish singer’s story is a moving one.

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28. February 2020

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The CX-52 cipher machine and an espionage scandal

The CX-52 is one of the first cipher machines produced in Switzerland by the company Crypto AG. It is a much sought-after collector’s item and symbolises the greatest espionage scandal since World War II.

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14. February 2020

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The cipher machine Enigma and Switzerland

In the Second World War, British specialists cracked almost every code – including that of the German cipher machine Enigma. Switzerland also used such machines.

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31. January 2020

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Back to the early days of computer gaming with text adventures

In the early days of the computer, there were games that were based entirely on text. Although they were soon replaced by graphics-based games, this genre is central to understanding the history of the computer, and the games still have their fans today.

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